We operate in a unique field.

Sewn product design and development.

Sure everyone’s Grandma can sew, but can they help you get your idea to market successfully, navigating all the business, brand and marketing pitfalls? While we might not bake a cake as good as your Grandma, chances are we CAN help with your sewn product idea. Given there are very few specialist sewn product design firms, we have even found ourselves working with what conventional business would call “competitors”, sharing ideas, networks, and design direction. We enjoy these projects, encouraging brands to break their constraints, think outside the box and expand into new product territories.

While fitness, outdoor and adventure gear is our specialty, we have worked with clients from a diverse array of markets. These are their stories, and how we have helped them along their journey.

These client case studies are only a small snippet of what we can share. If you would like to see your brand up here, or if you have a great idea contact us to discuss.

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