MAXTRAX approached us with a simple Carry Bag design, looking to get it “sexified” (yes, this was their words). Citing inspiration such as snowboard, surfboard and wakeboard bag designs, the new Carry Bag needed to be contoured and shaped, snugly fitting 5 MAXTRAX, or 4 super dirty versions.


The Carry Bag needed to contain the filthy MAXTRAX, keeping dust, dirt, mud and other unwanted contaminates out of the car. It needed to be highly abrasion resistant as it was a tool to be thrown around and used, not pampered with kid gloves. Given the MAXTRAX had aggressive teeth, this abrasion resistance needed to extend to the inside of the bag, protecting from both the MAXTRAX itself, as well as outside rubbing forces. Dirty MAXTRAX are heavy, especially when you have 4 of them, so the bag needed a handle for both hand and shoulder carry. Any opening mechanism needed to be simple to use in a high-stress environment, long lasting, and impervious to the dirty environment it is used in.

Tasked with this brief, we began the design and development process. Sourcing materials and components perfect for this harsh environment, we combined it with simple yet effective patterning. Prototypes were created and put through their paces, resulting in the current design. Manufacture was handled entirely by us, resulting in a complete packaged solution direct to MAXTRAX’s warehouse.

Successfully on the market since 2010, the MAXTRAX Carry Bag can be found here.




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MAXTRAX Carry Bag in Multicam. Muddy ground
MAXTRAX Carry Bag dusty and dirty
Black MAXTRAX Carry Bag dirty from bulldust