You might have seen these ubiquitous orange “tracks” strapped to the back of 4WDs driving past you. Chances are, it’s strapped to the spare tyre using our Rear Wheel Harness design. This design keeps dirt and muck out of your car, and most importantly keeps the MAXTRAX easily accessible when you need them most.

MAXTRAX approached us with an idea for a Rear Wheel Harness, however couldn't find a way to simplify the design, ensuring easy access during high stress situations. Armed with a roll of webbing, metal hooks and tie down ratchets, we delved into a day of hands on rapid prototyping alongside MAXTRAX director Brad McCarthy. This rapid prototyping session allowed us to explore tie down methods, angles and design ideas, before finalising in its current form.

Consisting of a series of high-UV resistant polyester webbing straps, stainless steel hooks impervious to salt corrosion, and black stainless steel ratchets to reduce reflection, the Rear Wheel Harness is both simple and highly functional. You can easily load dirty, muddy MAXTRAX onto the harness, before securely strapping it in place, confident in knowing it wont rattle around and shake loose on corrugated roads.

MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness Case Study Details

MAXTRAX Rear Wheel Harness has been on the market since 2011, and can be found here.



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