It is 5pm, dusk is gathering, and your expensive 4WD is bogged on the beach. Tide has already turned and is well on its way in. Give or take 45 minutes and your vehicle is going to be washed away, or at the very least destroyed forever by the harsh unforgiving salt water.

Enter MAXTRAX, a revolutionary self recovery device. Designed to be positioned under your wheels, it provides flotation, lifts you up, out, and over the obstacle allowing you to drive away safely, sparing you the pain of having to explain to your significant other why your holiday needs to be cut short.

MAXTRAX are not only useful in Sand; they also function incredibly well in mud, ice, and other low traction situations. Understandably these devices get absolutely filthy covered in thick mud, rust creating salt-laced sand, or other contaminants which you do not want in your vehicle.

This is where BOGEAR came in, helping develop a line of sewn product for MAXTRAX containing this mess, or allowing it to be safely stowed outside the vehicle.