BOgear: Sewn Product Specialists. Design. Development. Production

Hi, we are BOgear,

and we collaborate with ambitious people to help take their idea to the world.

If you had to sum us up in one word… well we design stuff.

We also make stuff, sell stuff, and everything in between. The “stuff” we specialise in is Sewn Product, specifically Fitness, Outdoor and Adventure Gear. We’ve been doing this for a decade under our own banner, and have recently opened our doors to offer this service to external clients.

You may have stumbled across us by following an old web-link, or perhaps visited our site after looking at a tag inside a bag you own. Well we cut our teeth on our own in house brand called Brisbane Outdoor Gear giving us first hand experience at everything surrounding the product bit. See the thing is successful businesses don’t just need a product, or a brand, or even the ability to get it made; they need a holistic strategy so that everything they do is aligned. That is what we do; help you develop that holistic strategy, create tools so you can nurture it in house, while getting your idea through the design, development, and production hurdles, and into your hands. We can do this for you, or if you are a maker/DIYer we can help you develop your own tools and systems so you can do it yourself.

We don’t just talk, we are also doers, always testing our theories and tools through our own product lines.


You’ve got an idea and would like to get to market… or at the very least test it out. You’ve already found it is hard to find someone who specialises in sewn product design; most people draw pretty pictures – yet what you need is someone who instinctively understands construction techniques, and can translate design intent into a functional outcome.

Sound familiar? Check out our services, and learn how we can help.

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You are a designer, entrepreneur or maker, and really want to knuckle down, give it a crack, and make it on your own. But you know you need to learn from someone who has done it before – it’s smart right? – as it will save you a tonne of time and cash, helping propel you forward faster. If this is you, we have exclusive training compiled from years of experience. Everything from how to’s on Social Media, Customer Service, to Photography and Website Creation. We’ve done it. We’ve been there.

Learn from us!

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Its all very fine and well talking the talk… but you really want to know if we walk the walk.
Guess what? I like you, you are practical, reasonable, and don’t want to be sold snake oil.

Well let us show you some of our Case Studies, and see what we’ve been up to!

Check out Case Studies here!

Read this far and still don’t know which step to take next?

Well fear not friend! We’ve also got a tonne of free information which we give away, helping you get started. Yup, thats right, more than a decade of experience, packaged up for you to learn, gratis!